Backpack Beach Chairs

Backpack Beach Chairs from Rio Brands. Years ago the standard beach chair was revolutionized with the addition of backpack straps and a pouch. These two simple yet clever features solved the ages-old dilemma of how to carry all the needed gear to the beach. You can fill the oversized pouch with all the beach necessities (towel, magazine, lotions, food and drink) and still have your hands free to carry the beach umbrella, boogie board and more. It just doesn’t make sense to head to the beach with the old sling style or canvas strap handle beach chair.

Rio Brands is the premier manufacturer of the Backpack beach chair and offers them the styles, colors, features and sizes below. All chairs come with a  padded headrest, drink/gear pouches on the armrest, and adjustable recline settings for maximum horizon-gazing comfort. We have sweetened the offering with our lowest price guarantee and same day shipping.

These backpack beach chairs make great resort rentals for guests. We specialize in serving large resort clients and beach rental companies.

Looking for a branding custom logo option? We even have the capability to add a corporate logo (Minimum 24 pieces – Contact us for details). Considering a bulk purchase? Check with us for attractive freight rates first (Minimum 80 pieces).

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