Beach Gear For Air Travel

Beach Gear for Air Travel: We’ve been offering – even designing – beach-related products for over 20 years now. We know for “shore” that the beach is the world’s most desirable vacation get-away-from-it-all destination. Honestly, no experience on earth compares to sitting in a beach chair under a beach umbrella as you stare at the horizon with the rest of the world at your back. Trouble is, most of us aren’t fortunate enough to live within a reasonable driving distance to our favorite beach, so we have to rely on the airlines to get us there. But flying to the beach creates the challenge of what to do about all the gear that makes a day at the beach so enjoyable.

The standard beach chairs won’t fit inside a suitcase and the typical beach umbrella is over 4′ long bagged. And going without a chair to relax in and/or an umbrella to keep the hot sun off your body isn’t a reasonable option. Sure, there might be rental options, but at what cost, condition and availability? Why not bring your own gear and save yourself the time, hassle, money and risk over having to find what you need at your beach destination?

Check out our cool line of unique beach products for air travel: Portable Beach Umbrellas like PortaBrella® and TeleBrella®, the full sized Quadra Beach Tent or Surf Sider and the Break Away Portable Beach Chair with its ingenious snap-apart frame. There’s a lot to choose from. We can help scale down the process by recommending the best gear to suit your needs. . Call our beach gear designer/inventor now: Mark Taylor @ 480-600-1049.

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