Beach Tents

Beach Tents to shade you and your fellow beach lovers during your long awaited trip to the shore. We’re beach bums at our core and have been designing beach tents for the past 20 years. We’ve thought of every conceivable design and set up feature to ensure reliable shade whether you are visiting for the week or just one day. Having the right beach tent can make all the difference between a comfortable hassle-free day at the beach and endless aggravation. In fact, why not call our beach tent designer now to discuss which beach shade product would suit your needs best: Mark Taylor @ 480-600-1049. There’s a lot to consider: footprint of shade, ease of set up, price, UV protection, age group, beach tent versus beach umbrella etc… take the guess work out of the process by calling us now.

Beach Tent or Beach Umbrella? We field this question a lot. The beach umbrella has been around for centuries and nothing beats it for simplicity and reliability when shade is desired at the beach with an unobstructed panoramic view of the shore and all the sights that make a day at the beach so enjoyable. However, there are occasions when a beach tent would be the preferred choice. A beach tent can provide a higher level of privacy and security over a beach umbrella. Most beach tents include side walls which can be a huge factor in containing toddlers for play time or nap time.

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