Beach Umbrella Anchors

Beach Umbrella Anchors and Holders for sand, dirt, chairs and bleachers. A beach umbrella is by far the most simple and convenient method to get shade at the park, playing fields, in the bleachers and, of course, the beach.

A beach umbrella typically weighs less than 8 pounds, fits inside any car, transports easily and sets up in seconds. But holding these top-heavy shade structures for any period of time can be a real challenge, especially when the wind picks up. We’ve been in the beach umbrella business for over 20 years and have designed anchors for every application.Need a beach umbrella anchor to hold your umbrella at the soccer fields? We’ve got you covered with The Earthworm (invented by a soccer coach) or The Stomper. Looking for a little extra support at the beach? Check out the original Sand Grabber or the Sand Screw. You’re likely bringing a chair along, right? Why not the chair as a beach umbrella anchor by attaching either the chair umbrella clamp or The Umbrella Brace? And finally, our latest invention The Bleacher Buddy installs to any bleacher seat in seconds and will hold your umbrella firmly as you stay cool in the stands. Any tailgaters in the crowd? Stay cool and shady on the asphalt with The MotoBrella Tailgate Umbrella Anchor. And finally, we’ve come up with a simple solution to anchor the top canopy with a 4-piece sand bag tethering system for just $14.95.

These handy anchors are affordable, rugged and portable. There’s just no reason to bake in the hot sun for hours as you watch your favorite team play, tailgate before the big game or simply stare out at the ocean’s horizon line.

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