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Beach Umbrella Anchors for Sand (simple and affordable): Beach umbrellas should always be the first choice when considering a shade product for the beach. Nothing beats a beach umbrella for simplicity and ease. You’re packing a lot of gear to the shore and you’re going to spend a fair amount of time to set it all up. A beach umbrella is the one item you simply can’t do without. But umbrellas are top heavy and their canopies’ parachute-like design will always catch the wind to some degree, especially when tilted. We’ve come up with some ingenious and cost-effective devices to keep your shady spot directly overhead as you relax at the beach.

Many commercially available beach umbrellas these days include an auger-like tip and means to drive the tip into the sand. But most of the forces against an umbrella are applied against the oversized canopy itself. Our simple to use set of four sand bags with tethers attached to the canopy itself in up to four locations and use the plentiful sand as ballast.

We offer several sand-inserted anchors as well: The Sand Grabber Beach Umbrella Anchor has been around for years and features a welded handle and top base plate for surface level stabilization. Sand Screw Beach Umbrella Anchor is slender enough to fit inside most beach umbrella carry bags. Our Hammer Drive Umbrella Anchor pulses deep into the sand and can hold large beach umbrellas firmly.

Don’t want to hassle with drilling/driving into the sand? Be sure to have a look at our lightweight yet sturdy Chair Clamp Umbrella Holder and Umbrella Brace .

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