Chair umbrella


Chair umbrella: Here’s a better way to attach a shade umbrella canopy to a chair for maximum shade and convenience. Works great at the beach, park and playing fields. Forget about those cheap drug store clamp-on beach umbrellas that flop in the wind, are too small and break with the slightest of breeze. Here’s how to use: 1) attach heavy duty high impact clamp to upright chair frame support, 2) Insert umbrella through umbrella receiver, 3) Rotate clamp to desired canopy position and tighten. See video below for details.

Handy Clamp On Beach Umbrella features:

  • Umbrella clamp fastens vertically or horizontally to any rigid arm-rest or tubular frame piece with wide-throat concave clamp and extra large tightening hand knob.
  • Slide lower beach umbrella pole through pole receiver and tighten. Attach upper umbrella canopy section to secured lower pole.
  • 6′ 8-panel canopy 50 spf beach umbrella with silver undercoat
  • 42″ umbrella long when collapsed and weigh 3 pounds
  • SPF 50 for maximum UV protection (always wear sun screen to protect from lateral rays).
  • Umbrellas available in royal, navy blue sun block silver (royal blue underlining). (see selection here)
  • $27.95 for clamp and umbrella
  • Clamp weighs just 12 ounces and is only 5″ x 4″ x 2″.Can be purchased separately for $15.95
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Beach Umbrella Carry Bag

Beach Umbrella Carry Bag

Add a beach umbrella bag for only $4.95! Universal carry bag holds umbrellas up to 54″ long.