PortaBrella Portable Beach Umbrella


PortaBrella® Portable Beach Umbrella. Finally, a beach umbrella suitable for air travel or any situation where a compact beach umbrella is desired. This full-featured folding beach umbrella is a BeachUmbrellas.com exclusive. Flying to that long awaited beach vacation destination? Let’s face it, a beach umbrella is the one item you can’t do without.

PortaBrella’s ingenious design features a hinged canopy to allow the top to fold to half its size. And we’ve snapped the poles in half too in order to meet that needed 24″ packable overall length for portability. We’ve also made PortaBrella® self-anchoring to alleviate the need for an extra beach umbrella holder. Be sure to check out the umbrella tethering kit accessory to ensure your shade spot stays in place as the breeze kicks up.

We’ve recently taken the PortaBrella® concept to a whole new level with TeleBrella®. TeleBrella® features a telescoping framework that allows for a full 7′ diameter and a canopy support that is found in no other beach umbrella. Click here for more on TeleBrella Portable Beach Umbrella.

Tethering Kit

Tethering Kit

Easy to use Tethering Kit provides beach umbrella’s the stability needed in a coastal breeze. Only $14.95. Click here for details.

Tethering Kit Use

Enjoy your shady space

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Weight 5 lbs