Trouble Ordering

TROUBLES ORDERING? Our web site relies on several interactive programs and databases in order to process your order. When one doesn’t work the entire process fails. These occurrences are rare but they do happen. We truly apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Using Google Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox? We are finding that in some instances these two browsers may not function with some Ecommerce sites. Please try Internet Explorer or give us a call at 480-600-3126 so we may take your order by phone.

International orders: Our shopping cart only will calculate shipping charges for the U.S. and Canada. Please use this form to process orders outside these countires.

Orders greater than 150 pounds: If your order exceeds 150 pounds please place two separate orders to bring the aggregate weight down.

Hyphenated names/Names with apostrophes: Please place your order without hyphens or apostrophes.